The Bed Bug Registry ( show the places where bedbugs had been detected and reported all over North America. This allows a better overview of the phenomenon of bedbugs invasion through America.

According to the bedbug resgistry, New york city could be the worst bedbugs infestation among United-States. The site received more than four thousands reports for NYC. 

Here are some of the most active cities with reports related to the bedbugs infestation. (See the map /recents repports)

New York City, USA    [See the map] [recents repports]

San Francisco, USA    [See the map] [recents repports]

Los Angeles, USA    [See the map] [recents repports]

Chicago, USA     [See the map] [recents repports]

Toronto, CANADA    [See the map] [recents repports]

Vancouver,CANADA     [See the map] [recents repports]