How to get rid of bebbugs

Everyone will tell you, it is not easy to get rid of bed bugs. However, there are simple ways to control the situation and eliminate bed bugs:

  • Lower the temperature of the room. This will slow the bedbugs activities and their reproduction.
  • Protect your mattress and box spring: inspect them, return them, vacuum on them especially in the folds where the bug likes to hide. Treat your mattress and box spring with a high temperature steam unit. Remember to treat the underside of the buttons too. Leave to dry and then coat them in a sealed cover sold against allergies in department stores.
  • Sanitize your liter: Wash all bedding in hot water and dry in the dryer at high temperature. If possible, use a bleach. Remember to undergo the same treatment to your duvet, plush carpet.
  • Treat the furniture and accessories: Vacuum all crevices, nooks, chairs, etc.. Use a product containing pyrethroid and diatomaceous earth (product on sale everywhere) for cracks are difficult to access. Follow the instructions carefully and follow manufacturer's warnings.
  • Prevent bed bugs access to your bed: To do this, you can use the lids of plastic containers where you will put the legs of your bed, making sure to coat a wide circular band around the bed of jelly petroleum (Vaseline). It is also possible to use a tape on both sides, and go around the legs of the bed. This creates a physical barrier effective against bedbugs.
  • Vacuum frequently throughout the affected housing, in cracks, electrical outlets, baseboards, and in all adjacent rooms. This removes a large proportion of bugs, and young larvae remaining. Then dispose of the waste in a vacuum sealed bag.
  • Eliminate breeding places: Wash bedding often, cushions, remove any piece of cloth that could drag down. Bedbugs like throwing stuff to spawn.
  • Protect your personal belongings: Put your spare bedding, personal items and any items in sealed plastic bags. If you want to make sure there is more bugs living in your belongings, place your bags in the freezer for 6 days at -7 ° C or 3 days at - 18 ° C. The bugs will not survive.
  • Call a professional exterminator to make insecticides, cryogenic or heat treatments. Agree with it a second treatment 21 days after the first larvae to eliminate residual since eggs are resistant to treatment and may take up to three weeks before hatching.
  • It is important to use registered insecticides, including low toxicity to humans. Among them we find the products and pyrethroid depyréthrines to be sprayed wherever we can find bed bugs. Boric acid, for its part can be sprinkled into cracks, behind furniture, under radiators, behind borders, etc..
  • Avoid using insecticides on the beds, berths strollers, cribs and their immediate environment.
Caution: It is strongly recommended that you hire a professional extermination to achieve better results. Inadequate treatment can scatter the bugs and cause a state of widespread infection in the entire building and nearby homes. In addition, improper use of biocides represents a significant risk to health.