There are several more or less effective to eliminate bed bugs. In the fight and extermination of the bugs, it is sometimes necessary to use multiple methods together in order to have effective results. 

While some method requires reminders such as the chemical method, others, like the extermination by heat can have a lasting result. However, the thermal destruction remains more expensive because of equipment and energy that this type of treatment required. 

Other back-up method can be used in an integrated manner to increase the chances of success, such as steam sterilization of mattresses and furniture, cover mattresses and box spring in sealed covers, the spraying of "diatomaceous earth" or powder pesticides in the smallest cracks visible to the floor or on the walls. 

It is important to read and follow the instructions and warnings on each of the products used. It is strongly recommended to hire an extermination expert to make a good treatment. It is important to act quickly as possible.