Are sealed covers effective?

Sealed covers over the mattress are very effectives as they  limit access to your mattress from bed bugs (Cimex lectularius). By limiting the access of bugs in your mattress, you make sure that none of them settle in. You limit at the same time bed bugs to get their preferred habitat and most suitable.

By wrapping your mattress with a tight cover, you force the bed bugs to retreat and be satisfied with sheets and other areas often more apparent to your bed. Detection becomes easier and faster in the presence of bed bugs. In addition, the cover having preserved the mats of the presence of bugs, it avoids the difficult task of treating the mattress and its interior. 

Finally, the cover can save you from buying a new mattress and new mattress after an infestation. It is worthwhile to protect the mattress against the presence of bed bugs using these anti-bed bug covers which are sell at very low cost.