Does heat kills bed bugs?

Bed bugs hates hot weather.
In addition to the cryogenic freezing, bed 
bugs can not tolerate long temperatures over 50 ° C. Increase the temperature of the whole house more than 50 ° C for over an hour may be a method that is both environmentally friendly and effective way to kill bed bugs. Special attention should be directed to any "pocket" of lower temperature that could allow some bugs to survive. We can think to small parts such as  washroom. The door would have remained closed, cabinets or furniture  would remained closed.  Open it all during treatment.

The method of extermination at temperatures above 50 ° C is advantageous for devices that can not support either freezing, steam or chemicals treatments. It is thought to include alarm clocks, radios, computers, furniture and even some medical devices such as CPAP used to treat sleep apnea in this ecological treatment.

Freezing treatments can kill bed bugs. It takes more than 4 days at -19 ° C to kill bed bugs. This treatment can be used for the clothes you can wash, personal effects and electronics that you cant chemically or thermaly treat. Check with the manufacturer of your equipment if you can freeze them to prevent damage.

Freezing over a long period is an interesting avenue for library books, to paper documents, to stuffed animals for trinkets or small furnishings that are difficult to access ports for inspection and extermination. It is best to bag the your personal goods before processing them in the freezer. One can easily leave these effects 11 days as temperatures vary from one device to another. Be aware that treatments in the freezer are not 100% effective.  Cryogenic treatment are safer.

There are two methods for effective professional extermination of bed bugs by cold:

1) Dry ice (CO2 as snow) with a temperature close to - 78 ° C
2) The liquid nitrogen with a temperature of about -120 ° C

These extremely cold temperatures represent a serious health risk to handling. Only professionals with adequate clothing should handle these products.

The extermination instant freeze has the advantage of being environmentally friendly, with no risk of allergy or poisoning residues. These treatments are odorless, and treated areas can be occupied immediately after the treatment.