Ecological bed bugs Treatments

Many environmental friendly methods of getting rid of bed bugs are available on the market:

Heat treatment: This ecological treatment involves the overall increase in temperature of a room, apartment or house until the total death of all the bed bugs. This method of extermination is very effective and covers the area as a whole.

Cryogenic treatment to snow CO2: This ecological treatment is a topical application of CO2 as snow. This treatment kills the bed bugs. However, this treatment must be applied manually by an expert to all the places that bed bugs could be found. The temperature of the CO2 snow can be around - 78 ° C. This treatment leaves no residue after application.

The cryogenic treatment with liquid nitrogen: This ecological treatment involves the application of liquid nitrogen in places where bed bugs and their eggs could be found. Liquid nitrogen of around - 120 ° C kill bed bugs and their eggs. This treatment leaves no residue after application.

The application of diatomaceous earth: This additional ecological treatment involve an application of powdered diatomaceous earth, which will form a natural barrier against bed bugs and other insects by mutilating them.   The diatomaceous earth acts like tiny shards of glass, mutilating the insect and causing his death by dehydration. Diatomaceous earth can be found everywhere, it is inexpensive and environmentally friendly. This is a complementary way to exterminate bedbugs.

The application of products containing pyrethrins:  Pyrethrins are derived from plants such as  Dalmatian pyrethre  or Persian Chrysanthemum. The pyrethrins-based products affect the nervous system of the insects. Unfortunately, bed bugs are increasingly resistant to insecticides, whether natural or from chemical synthesis.