How are bed bugs transmited?

How are bed bugs transmited ? How did I get bed bugs (Cimex lectularius) ?

Bed bugs are transmitted in many ways. They can be present on the clothings of a visitors, in a furnitures recovered from the street, on seats of a bus, in thrift stores clothings , in a cinema seat,  etc.. Bed bugs can arise from a neighbor's apartment, from personal belongings of a person, from the school bag of a neighbors case that are affected, from an infected store, from a bird nest in your roof,  etc.. 

We saw bed bugs everywhere: in major hotels, at the White House, at the United Nations,  in some larger clothing stores of new york, etc.. Just 2 or 3 bed bugs to create a true infestation after 3 to 6 months of maturation. Their reproductions are exponential. 

The resurgence of bed bugs also coincides with globalization, standardization and the increasing of international transport, the increased use of public transport, as well as the prohibition to use pesticides as residential and agricultural way.