How many offspring it produce ?

How many offspring can produce a bed bug?

About bed bugs offpring: every generation count...
If a bed bug can lay up to 500 eggs, offspring infestation can quickly explode exponentially. In six months, a single bed bug can produce 30,000 descendants. In nine months, they can be counted by hundreds of thousands. Then the magnitude that can take the invasion of bed bugs could need major and expensive treatments if it has been neglected first .

This exponential reproduction is cause by the sexual maturity of the descendants and their own descendants. At this point an immediate and forceful extermination is needed. It is important to act at the first sign of bed bugs infestation to avoid the high costs of pest control work such as processing it in the whole frame of the building as it may become necessary when infestations had been neglected.

We’ve already seen a house pay more than $ 13,000 in fees in order to completely get rid of bed bugs. The cost of extermination for apartment buildings are sometimes prohibitive ... They are sometimes amounted by tens of thousands of dollars.