Picture of bed bugs bite

When bed bugs bite, they inject both an anticoagulant and an anesthetic. Therefore it is very rare that a person wakes up when the bugs are feeding. The symptoms of bed bugs are different for lots of people.  Generally, the victim feels the first signs of bites in the morning (a few hours after the bite) or the following evening. The reactions are different. They varies from simple tingling to severe secondary infections, to haemorrhage or papular urticaria. However, the vast majority of people suffer from unpleasant symptoms that are not dangerous for their health. Some people may experience the presence of permanent brown spots on the places where the bugs have bitten.

You can see on this YouTube video how can look bedbugs bites: 
From SassysOpinion /Youtube

This YouTube also show how bad can turn those bedbugs bites: 

From SassysOpinion /Youtube