Where are bed bugs coming from ?

Bed bugs are as old as the world. There was really only a century where bed bugs were absent from the lives of Western and it was the last. The bed bugs were virtually eradicated from our environment as pesticides were used in mass all over the United States. Today, the return of the bed bugs coincides with both the prohibition on the use of these pesticides in the fields and in houses, as well as increased resistance to pesticides of some of its populations. The bed bugs are more resistants and stronger than before. In addition, with the normalization of internationals fly, bed bugs have an extraordinary vector of dispersion. They can now come and go from everywhere.

Here is a video about bedbugs, where they can be, mass pesticides use, bed bugs ressistance to those pesticides and new way to treat bed bugs and get rid of them for sure.   

from sopranospinner / YouTube