How bedbugs bites look like...

In most cases, the bed bug bites do not cause serious problems. They occur most often on the arms, back and legs but can also be found  dramatically on the face. Following the bites we see in general appear small lesions, sometimes with small bulges reddish heal in a few weeks. Although rare, the simple bites can cause to some people giant urticaria, bullous eruptions, sometimes serious hemoragic and papular urticaria. Children may also suffer from anemia following the bed bug bites.        

See some examples of bed bug bites on various parts of the body. 

On the trunk: See the photo on the what's around-us blog 
Of the members: See photos at the bedbugsguide
On the face: See the photo  

In addition to causing inconvenience to major health, bites and the presence of bed bugs is sometimes the cause of insomnia and major anxiety.  

Warning! improper use of insecticides on the mattress is the cause of serious health problems. Always consult a health professional or a qualified exterminator before undertaking an eradication based insecticides.