Extermination Products

There are many effective products for bedbugs extermination.
Some are very inexpensive and available to individuals, others are reserved for professional use because they are either more powerful or dangerous.

Their availability and their names may vary by region and according to local legislations.

Among the products commonly used we can found:

Diatomaceous earth (natural)
Diatomaceous earth is a natural powder made of "skeletons" of fossilized marine organisms. Before the advent of synthetic pesticides, it was an effective and harmless way to repel pests such as bed bugs. The diatomaceous earth acts like crystals to crushed, injuring the insect and causing her death by dehydration. 

Diatomaceous earth can be found everywhere, it is inexpensive and environmentally friendly. Diatomaceous earth and silica powder (crystals tiny worms) are used in filters for maple syrup and are commonly sold in Agricultural Cooperatives at very low prices.  

Boric acid
Boric acid is a weak acid widely used as an insecticide. Low toxicity to humans, it has interesting properties as fungicides and insecticides. It is a component of several insecticides on the market. The boric acid powder burns are lethal to insects.

Products containing pyrethrins (natural)
Pyrethrins are derived from substances such as pyrethrum flowers Dalmatian chrysanthemum and Persia. The products of pyrethrins would act directly on the nervous system of insects. Pyrethrins are effective in treating bed bugs.

The products of Pyrethroids (synthetic chemical)
Pyrethroids are chemicals similar to pyrethrins (natural). Products based on pyrethroids can be very useful in the fight against bed bugs.

Bendiocarb (chemical synthesis)
"Ficam D" is a product based on bendiocarb. It is used by professionals.
Chlorfenapyr (chemical synthesis)
A product based on chlorfenapyr is calls "Phantom." It is used by professionals.

It is impossible to enumerate all the insecticides used in the fight against bed bugs. We hope our list will help you in your efforts. Faithfully follow the instructions for use and see the warnings on each product before use. Misused a product can become a real health risk.