Where bedbugs come from

Bugs lurk everywhere. Wherever there is a crack, they can hide. That's what makes them so undesirable. If they prefer the seams of 
mattresses, bed bugs are hiding elsewhere. This is the case of sofas, chairs, furniture, linens, chairs, lockers, school, etc..

It is not surprising to see the bugs survive in a flat where people picked up a supply or a mattress on the roadside or in a store of social solidarity.

They spread quietly, from clothes-to-clothes, from one child to another in daycare, in school through lockers, on buses seats, in subways, in taxis they besiege even stretchers and ambulances! They quietly haunt motels and workplaces. They have something to make crazy and paranoid normal people.

History of bedbugs:

Scientists estimate that the bedbug probably alongside humans for over 35,000 years. Aristotle himself have made the description 2000 years ago. However, since the '40s, synthetic insecticides had almost eradicate bed bugs in the West (europa and America).

Its comming back coincides with the abandonment of the use of synthetic insecticides and with a period of high international mobility that allow it redistribution. They are found today in many public areas previously mentioned and much more.